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"Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic: it is as if creation rose luminously out of the night, all new and fresh and astonishing."

~ Eugene Ionesco

Childhood is such a very short time in our lives, but it is so very precious - perhaps for that reason. The world is a wonder to children, and their emotions are put out there without hesitation. They are true and open books.

Your child is unique. They have their own personality, likes, dislikes, dreams, goals. When we plan a session to photograph your child, if they can be, they are involved. We talk about things they would like to do in their pictures, as well as what you are hoping for. As parents, we want to make sure our children are celebrated and that they know they are loved. Booking a session with me, they will feel so special and will be so excited for pictures that they are helping to plan out!

Styled Child Sessions

Styled sessions are so much fun! When doing a styled session, we'll work together to plan out all of the details before the day of the session. These are amazing for creating pieces of art for your home which incorporate your children. If you're interested in a styled session but don't have a specific vision in mind, we'll brainstorm together to come up with the perfect plan. If your child has an amazing imagination, we can use their ideas to make their ideas come to "life!"




I am a print photographer.

What does that mean? I do not include prints, products, or digitals with my session fee. I truly believe in the magic that happens when you hold those images in your hands and see them on your walls. I know how busy life gets with kids. I know how easy it is to push printing those images to tomorrow, next week, next year... never. I'm here to take that off of your plate and make life a little less stressful for you.

Session pricing & Details

We'll meet up for a consultation before you even book to discuss what your vision is for your session and what you would like to do with your images afterwards. This doesn't lock you into anything, but it helps me to guide the session to make sure that everything turns out as it needs to in order to best display your beautiful photographs after the fact! After you pick a date, I will send the contract and an invoice for the nonrefundable deposit. We will then plan out all of the details, from color palettes to outfits to location so that everything is easy and stress-free. Styled sessions might entail a bit more, depending on what we are doing. After the session, I will upload your final edited images into a gallery for you to order from. I will help you to narrow down your favorites and customize your print and product option, so that you get exactly what you want and need. My ultimate goal is to create beautiful images that end up being artwork displayed in your home, whether on the wall or in a album to look at with your child, and to make the process as easy as I can for you.

Timeless Session

This session includes 1 outfit and 1 location of your choosing within a 25 miles radius of St Louis. A gallery with beautifully retouched images will be available from which to order. This also includes a print/product credit of $100.


Signature Session

This session includes up to 2 outfits and up to 2 locations of your choosing within 25 miles radius of St Louis. A gallery with beautifully retouched images will be available from which to order. This also includes a print/product credit of $250.


Fine Art Session

While all of the sessions I offer will provide you with beautiful artwork to decorate your home, this session is truly unique and special and will include more intricate planning and wardrobe styling, along with hair and makeup depending on the theme.

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